Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for a Haircut?

Yes, it is time. We have loved his long flowing curly locks but the last couple of weeks have seemed to surpassed "oh so cute" and gotten to unmanageable. We are hoping that we can just go for a little trim that will cut just enough to keep the curls but take off all the excess. If he loses his baby curls we will go for a cute shorter cut, but we are hoping that the curls will stay. Lacey- maybe I should get a silhouette with this hair??? =) I also agree with Tiffany in that coming into fall it might be fun to keep Bray's hair a little longer and attempt a more grown-up cut next spring. I think I am going to make an appointment at Kookie Kutters which is just for kids and has fun car/motorcycle/horse chairs and play kids movies and blow bubbles.... and when you leave you get a cookie cutter. Maybe that will keep bray sitting still. I'll let you know how it goes.


Lotz Family said...

Yep, he's past a year old now so you are "allowed" to cut it now! I think he'd look stinkin cute with a short little preppy cut!

The Fegers: said...

You haven't cut it yet? I've given Dylan a couple of hair cuts. It's wild right now but everybody is wanting me to let it grow out. It IS Fall now so we'll see. In the Summer I said it "needed" to be cut! I'm w/ Kristen though, I love the short crew cuts.