Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend!

(well, Mari's flight got cancelled (again!!!) after sitting at the airport for a couple of hours so she had to drive down last minute... and I was in horrible pain and took too many pain relievers to try to get out of pain and got myself incredibly sick all day Saturday... but Sunday and Monday things were good to go... )

Kyle's mom and Jim drove down and helped us with a couple of major projects! Jim was amazing and drove down Friday night just to work all day Saturday and then drive back Saturday night since he had to work Sunday; Mari stayed until yesterday afternoon.
I have some great pictures that show how great things look and how all that we did this weekend but we have a little bit more to finish them off so I will post complete pics as soon as we are done.


a BIG thank you, thank you, thank you again to Mari and Jim!

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