Saturday, September 29, 2007


It is September 29th.


And it is snowing outside. I love rainy days, and I am very glad to have felt fall type weather this past week, but snow? I am just not ready to see it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might have to consider a move to Minnesota. We hit 81 degrees today which sounds much better than snow. I suppose our time will come for that white stuff as well.

Lotz Family said...

Yep, I almost peed my pants when I looked at the window and it was snowing. Already?!

Russell said...

That's crazy! We haven't even had snow here in MT yet!!! (unless you count some night time flurries that didn't stick.) I can't believe it's snowed there, hopefully you still get to have a nice fall. (that's the thing I miss most, montana doesn't have falls, we go straight to icy rain then snow, none of those crisp days with sunshine and falling leaves.....oh well) Your pictures are darling!