Wednesday, September 12, 2007

first page attempts....

these firtst 2 are not completed yet

okay. kyle has been out of town this week for work so i have had a ton of time after bray goes to bed and before i can fall asleep. i have been collecting digital scrapbooking stuff for months now but i haven't really taken the time to attempt making anything. well, i finally started... i am kind of excited about the prospects of how these pages could come together once i start spending more time on them.

for all of you that are digiscrapbooking and photoshop experts please feel free to leave me feedback on ways to improve! thanks!


Lotz Family said...

They are looking super cute. What program are you using again?

The Fegers: said...

I like them. I'm just getting started too. Good luck and share your info w/ me too!