Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Pictures Sneak Peak

This afternoon we spent some time hunting through the hills of Midway trying to find some good spots for fall pictures since the trees are in their full beauty in color change. We found a really great path and walked back in and found some beautiful color. These haven't been edited at all yet but I thought I would share right away because I am really happy with how they turned out.

I loved this spot but Bray was way more interested in checking out the log than looking up at the camera so this was the best pic I was able to get.

Very fun picture of bray with his daddy...

Bray doing what he does best, smiling and having a great time in the beautiful fall foliage. I love it when the trees turn this color!

On a side note... [I have a problem that maybe some of you better photographers will know how to fix. When I take pictures not all of them show up when I copy them over to my computer. Today I wanted to see if I was just imagining things and I took 6 pictures and immediately took the card out and into my computer, only 3 showed up. I tried again with 4 pictures and I only got 2. When I looked at the pictures from my camera they were all there. Does anyone know how I can get all the pictures??? I know that we have lost some great pictures because of this and I know specific pictures I took today that aren't showing up now and I am not too happy about it.]


Terri said...

You should call or email Tristan. I am sure he can troubleshoot. Great pictures, by the way! I love the one of Bray and Kyle!!!

T1shep said...

Yes, I can try to help. Maybe before the softball game tomorrow?

Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

Hope you got your camera thing fixed? Sounds like a bad wire/connection or maybe a low battery to me, but I use a card reader for my camera.

Anyway, these pictures are beautiful!! I love the fall colors and Bray is sooo adorable. Can't wait to see more!