Sunday, August 05, 2007

Two Years Already?!?!?

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Yay! Two full years of marriage and really, they have been full years. Today is the official anniversary but we really started celebrating two days ago on Friday. Kyle and I have decided that we would rotate each year on who does the planning for the big day so we aren't both left wondering if the other has planned something.
My parent's were so great and took Bray for the night which meant we not only had a great date night out without a baby but we got to sleep in the next morning! We went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill (where we loved to go while dating and had our wedding luncheon there) and had a fantastic dinner. Our waiter Carl (I only remember his name since he wrote it upside down on the table covering with 2 crayons) was great and even gave us complimentary cake since we were celebrating. After that we stopped by Iceburg and had ice cream on the way to catch a late showing of the new Bourne movie. It was a great night. The next morning I had planned with my parents to pick Bray up at their house and surprise Kyle with a boat trip out on the lake to go wake boarding. We haven't been since we got married so it was a great day out there with my parent's and my brother Chase. After successfully wearing ourselves out getting a little too pink we went back to their house for an awesome BBQ and hot tubing. It was another great day. Of course we didn't get any work done at our place, but it was nice to be out playing in the water again.
Today we had a very nice relaxing Sunday. After church we had nice Mac left overs =) and nice long naps. This evening Kyle presented me with some really fun clothes that he went out and went shopping just for me since the 2nd year anniversary gift theme is cotton. They are all very fun and I love that he went out on his own and did such a great job. Thank you again Babe! I love your gifts and I love you! All in all it has been a great weekend and so here are some of the pictures from the lake!

***bray was wearing his life jacket the whole time we were moving, we were beached and drying off from swimming when these were taken! I just realized that it might look like he wasn't safe while out there playing captin but I promise he was***

bray loved to chew on his life jacket
this picture is posted for my awesome brother Chase. He was attacking me with nasty seaweek and other gross bottom-dwelling things he would pull up and my mom caught a few attacks on camera. I zoomed in on chase here because I just love the look on his face as he is so nicely tossing this gunk on me. love you buddy!


The McKays said...

Congrats on two years! That's amazing that your hubby was brave enough to buy you clothes! Brian wouldn't have the first clue what kind of clothes to get for me.

I love the pics of Braylon trying to drive the boat. So cute! And when did Chase become a grown man? I still think of him as an eight-year-old boy running around. Ha! It's funny how people get stuck in time in your mind, isn't it?

Lotz Family said...

Congrats!! It sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend of celebrations... too fun!

The Fegers: said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like fun, poor baby in the life jacket. He didn't seem to mind it though! My 5 yr anniversary is in a couple of weeks. That's a good idea of switching off who plans something - I'll bring that up.