Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Little Man is 1!

I can not believe that my little man is one today. There were times when I was nursing the tiny 7 lb. newborn baby every hour and a half for at least an hour all day and night where the days seemed to drag endlessly on. But now that I sit here playing with my laughing, jabbering, always on the go little bundle of energy I am amazed at how fast this first year of his life has flown by.

One birthday activity that could have been no fun was Bray's 12 month check-up. But, of course, Braylon being Braylon he had a blast! He loved using the little children's chairs as pushcarts all around the office and hallways as we were waiting. Once we were in the exam room he loved using the round rolling chair that the doctor sits on as his personal toy. He talked non-stop to his pediatrician and told her all his stories while waving and clapping as much as he could and she gave him a clean bill of health. Bray also showed off his walking skills and walked more in the 45 minutes of his exam than I have ever seen him walk. It turned out to be a fun experience.

His 12 month stats are:
weight: 23.2 lbs, 51%
length: 30 in., 51%
head: 49.5 cm, 99%

When we got home we found a fun birthday package waiting sent by Bray's Grammy and Grampy Young. He had such a great time pulling out each item and thoroughly inspecting them one at a time. He had a great time and I am sure we will have a lot of fun with all of the great summer toys. Thank you Mari and Jim!


The Fegers: said...

Happy 1st Birthday, little guy!

Lotz Family said...

Happy Birthday Bray!!! He seriously looks so old now, I can't get over it. Are you going to cut his hair now that he's 1, or are you going to keep it growing?! He's too cute.