Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Need Your Help!

Okay... please comment on this post with your suggestions or thoughts on my question!

When we were pregnant we had heard that we should pick out a pediatrician before the baby was born so that we would be set for his caregiver as soon as he came. Well, we didn't, but fortunately there was a really nice pediatrician making rounds at the hospital and he took great care of Braylon for the duration of our stay and so we decided to keep him as our doctor. He saw Bray for all his visits from 2 weeks until his 6 month check-up. At his 9 month check-up he had an emergency patient come in and so we were asked to see an associate of his for that appointment. I figured it was fine and I actually really liked her. When I called to schedule Bray's 12 month check-up our regular pediatrician was booked up for the month and taking some vacation time but the doctor that we had seen for Bray's 9 month had an opening so I took that. I was really happy about it and I felt really comfortable with her and her attention to Bray. When we came out of the exam room I ran into our regular pediatrician. I felt awkward and tried to explain why we were there but we didn't see him, but he said not to worry about it and we chatted a little bit.


Now I have to schedule Bray's next appointment. I would actually like to keep seeing the lady doctor.... but is that bad etiquette? Esp. in the same office? I can't decide.

Whether I know you personally or if you happen across this blog occasionally, Please let me know what you think!!!

Thank YOU!


The McKays said...

Okay, I'll be the first to comment...

The same thing happened to me with my OB. I went in for two emergency visits around 8 weeks of pregnancy. My doctor was out of the office both times, so I saw someone else. I really liked her and felt like she really understood everything we had been through, so I switched. It did feel a little awkward when I saw my other doctor, but the little bit of awkwardness was worth the comfort I felt with the new doctor.

You should take Braylon to whichever doctor you feel most comfortable with. They are running a business and you are the customer. It's their job to keep you happy, so if you're not happy, then switch! If they take it personal, then they are being unprofessional and that's their problem, not yours.

And as someone who has worked in the medical field, I can honestly say that I've never known a medical professional to get angry with a patient for doing something that they felt was in their best interest. All they care about is that you are healthy, happy, and that you pay the bills of course!

Besides, it sounds to me like that other doctor has more patients on his caseload than he knows what to do with anyway!

The Fegers: said...

I agree w/ Lacey.

1st - go where you feel comfortable, they're there to please you, not the other way around.

2nd - I work in an office w/ two doctors and we try to keep the same patients w/ the same doctor for the patients' sake. If one doctor is out on maternity leave or sick or something, we ask if the patient would mind seeing the other. Often the patient likes one better than the other, but doctors don't get offended. It's only if they're in the middle of treating someone for something like multiple appointments for dentures, a crown, etc.

Also, I work w/ another hygienist and I love some of my patients but would love to see some go try out the other hygienist (if you know what I mean). I'm not offended at all if they want to switch. I think it's great that the patients get the option of choosing someone who works w/ their values and personalities. I think that's why they have options.

I like Dylan's pediatrician and have tried others when there have been schedule conflicts etc. I'm sticking w/ my original one, but if I liked another, I'd switch! They work as a team, you won't offend them! Doctors take turns doing rounds at the hospitals and sometimes they let you meet the whole staff of doctors so that you can pick your fav out of them - they do it on purpose so you go w/ who you're comfortable with. That's what happened w/ our pediatrician only they made the rounds for Malia and we just went w/ the Dr that Corrie and Darren liked. (We were in the NICU so pediatricians don't visit there.)

Brandi said...

Hey Jules,
I think the its fine to keep seeing the other doctor that you feel comfortable with. I am sure the the first pediatrician that you saw probably has enough patients that he would not be offended if you see a colleague. If they are in the same office its likely that they refer patients to each other anyway. :) There is my two cents. Haha.

Terri said...

Go with the lady doctor! Braylon is more important than etiquette any day. Plus, all those doctor's probably see so many patients, by the time you go again the first doctor probably won't even remember you.

Don't feel bad about it at all!