Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wonderful Lakehouse and Road-Trip Moments

A couple of great road-side attractions: New Salem, ND The World's Largest Holstein Cow and The World's Largest Paul Bunyan in MN, and of course, MT. Rushmore in SD. (The cute little girl putting a Mr. Potato-Head hat on Braylon is not a "road-side attraction" but the daughter of our friends Craig and Jen Schwantz who were so kind to let us stay with them on our way there and back.
Storybook World is just one part of Wylie Park in Aberdeen, SD. This free play area has large statues and displays of just about any fairytale/nursery rhyme. It was a very fun stop but we didn't stay too long because it was 100 degrees + with no clouds or wind so we were roasting. My favorite is Braylon trying to console the kitten who lost his mitten.
I think South Dakota must be the King State of roadside signs. I started seeing signs for 1880's Town about 30 miles down the Highway. Every mile or even 1/2 mile there would be another large sign touting the greatness that is 1880's Town. I was driving while Kyle was taking a little nap in the back with Braylon so I decided I had free reign to stop wherever I wanted. We were in a hurry to try to get to Mt. Rushmore before it got too late but we decided to go walk around for over an hour. 1880's town has a ton of the props from Dances' With Wolves including the original horse that Kevin Costner road in the movie, Cisco. Every building, train, wagon, decoration, etc. in the town are all really items from 1880-1920. We could go in all the buildings and walk around, sit in the carriages and even walk through the cool old trains. It was fun, but we didn't end up getting to Mt. Rushmore until just after 10:30 pm. Good thing it was still open and all lit up. There were actually a lot of people out that late walking around and taking pictures; a whole scout troop was having a meeting.


Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

Look at all those fun places you guys went, how exciting!! Unfortunately Julie you seem to be the size of a thumbnail in the only pics you put up of you, what's with that! I especially love the pics of Braylon and the dogs, just too cute, but they are all awesome. Miss ya!

The McKays said...

What a fun trip! I've never even heard of those places, except Mount Rushmore, and now I want to take Abbey! We were thinking of going somewhere this fall. Maybe we'll take the same vacation! I love the Storybook Land!